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Margaret Watkins: Symphonies domestiques
Musée des beaux-arts du Canada
05 oct 2012 - 13 jan 2013
Appel à communications: Histoires sur la brèche
«Berkshire Conference on Women's History»
Exposition: Anne Langton au Musée de Fenelon Falls
(au Thanksgiving 2012)
Exposition: Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
«Early Nova Scotian Women» (du 22 julliet 2012 au 20 janvier 2013)

Nouvelles précédentes

Exposition: Art Gallery of Hamilton
Quebec Women Artists: 1900-1965
Symposium sur les femmes sculpteurs
Winnipeg Art Gallery - Le 20-22 janvier 2011.
Exposition: Femmes artistes. L’éclatement des frontières, 1965-2000
Cet exposition est presenté au Musée nationale des Beaux-arts du Québec du 17 juin au 10 octobre 2010.
Exposition: Femmes artistes. L’éclatement des frontières, 1900-1965
Cette exposition est presenté au Musée d'art de Joliette du 23 mai au 29 aout 2010.
Call for Proposals: Women and Material Culture of Death
We invite proposals for essays for a collection titled Women and the Material Culture of Death. This collection invites researchers and scholars to consider women’s engagement with the material world of death, from the most ordinary, mundane ritualized practices and objects to the most extraordinary.

As Hallam and Hockey note, material practices related to death traverse time and space. Historically, women in many cultures have had a central role in crafting objects to commemorate the dead, such as weaving shrouds, creating mourning clothes, crafting death masks, designing grave markers, stitching memorial samplers, creating hair jewelry, to name but a scant few. Women have also attended to death practices for non-humans, from butchery and cookery methods, to taxidermy of wild animals and beloved pets, to drying flowers and other plants, and repurposing objects related to death. br />
We encourage scholars and researchers who focus on specific social and material practices bounded by time and place that are related to any aspect of death in which women have participated. These practices might relate to preparation for death, rituals or social actions prior, during, and following the disposal of the body, to commemorative acts meant to keep memory of the deceased alive. In short, the possibility of topics and scholarly methods is wide open so long as they connect women to some aspect of death.

We look forward to proposals from a wide variety of disciplines, including, but not limited to, art history, anthropology, history, literature, rhetoric, cultural studies, communication studies, museum studies, visual studies, race studies, and women’s studies. We encourage and wish to present multiple theoretical frames and methodologies that grapple with questions concerning women and the material culture of death.

Please send your 250-500-word proposal and a CV as electronic attachments in MS-word or RTF format to Beth Fowkes Tobin (beth.tobin@asu.edu) and Maureen Daly Goggin (maureen.goggin@asu.edu) by September 1, 2010.
Femmes artistes. La conquête d’un espace: 1900-1965
7 mai-16 aout 2009

Esther Trépanier: le 13 aout 2009
Thérèse St Gelais: le 27 mai 2009
Exposition: Mary Catharine ( Minnie ) Gill, 1861-1946: Paysages des Cantons et de Charlevoix - Le 6 juin 6 - 14 décembre 14, 2008
Presenté par La Société d’histoire et de musée de Lennoxville-Ascot au Centre culturel et du patrimoine Uplands : 9 Speid, Sherbrooke - Borough of Lennoxville, Sherbrooke, Quebec.

Publication: A Gentlewoman in Upper Canada. The Journals, Letters, and Art of Anne Langton
This new edition of A Gentlewoman in Upper Canada. The Journals, Letters, and Art of Anne Langton, edited by Barbara Williams, is published by University of Toronto Press. Release date is November 6, 2008.

Book Launch: A presentation on Anne Langton will be given by Barbara Williams at the Immanuel Baptist Church, 20 Bond St., Fenelon Falls, Ontario, on Saturday, November 8 at 1.30 pm. Organized by Fenelon Falls Museum. Open to the public, refreshments to be served.

Conference: Women’s Bodies in a Public History Context - November 7-8, 2008
Check The Canadian Association for Women’s Public History (CAWPH) web site for the conference program.



Nouvelles nationales