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PORTEOUS, Frances Esther Dudley

Ste-Petronille, QC, 1896
Montreal, QC, 1946
Notice biographique
Frances Esther Dudley Porteous was born in Ste. Petronille, today Beaulieu, Quebec in 1896. She studied art at the Art Association of Montreal, at the London County Council School of Design in London, and later in Paris. She favoured landscapes, still lifes, town and city scenes. Her work has been described in an article in The Montreal Gazette as "free in handling" and "confident". Porteous taught art at King's Hill in Compton, Quebec and later exhibited with the Canadian Group of Painters in 1939, and with the Royal Canadian Academy in 1929 and in 1940. She studied further with Arthur Lismer at the Art Association of Montreal and was a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.
Art Association of Montreal (Sous la direction de William Brymner, Randolf Hewton, Athur Lismer)
London County Council School of Design (London, England)
Federation of Canadian Artists
Lieux de conservation des dossiers et archives
National Gallery of Canada, ON - Library and Archives
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts / Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal, QC
Canadian Women Artists History Initiative Documentation Centre, QC
McGill University, QC - Marjorie Howard Futcher Photo Collection

Documents sur l'artiste
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