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Lebanon, New Hampshire, 1932
Notice biographique
Alanis Obomsawin is a prolific filmmaker, who has made over forty films about the experiences of Indigenous people in North America. She grew up in the small Abenaki settlement of Odanak, Quebec, and later Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, where she experienced and witnessed discrimination that would inspire the trajectory of her artistic career. Obomsawin began her career as a fashion model turned traditional storyteller and singer during the 1960s, but was hired by the NFB in 1967 as a consultant because of her activism in Native communities. In 1971, she directed her first film with NFB support, Christmas at Moose Factory, a study of life at a Native settlement on the shore of James Bay, explored through the lens of children’s drawings. Among her well-known films is Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance (1993), one of four she made about the armed standoff between the Mohawk nation, who were protesting the development of a golf course on a sacred area of their territory, and the Quebec police and the Canadian army in July 1990. Despite being abandoned by all other film crews from major news outlets, Obomsawin remained behind barricades for 78 days to stand in solidarity with the Mohawk community near Oka. Obomsawin makes films to educate Native and non-Native people about the ongoing reality of Indigenous struggles. Her filmmaking is rooted in a desire to facilitate healing through cross-cultural and inter-generational communication. (Ohri)
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