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Kuujjuarapik, Quebec, 1913
Umiujaq, 2001
Biography synopsis
In the 80s Napartuk began managing the women’s craftshop in Kuujuarapik. In her own work, she applied traditional skills of working with skins, furs, and fabrics, to create appliquéd wallhangings that captured the traditional way of life that she and her contemporaries remembered. Napartuk used a combination of text and images to tell a story, producing wallhangings known as ‘akinnamiutak.’ The women’s workshop that she managed was also known for making dolls and traditional clothing such as seal skin boots known as Kamiks, which Napartuk depicted in some of her hangings. Napartuk has participated in craft workshops in Montreal and Toronto and has exhibited her prize-winning dolls nationally and internationally. Her work is found in public and private collections throughout Canada.
Media used

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