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CARR, Emily

Victoria, British Columbia, 1871
Victoria, British Columbia, 1945
Biography synopsis
Emily Carr spent most of her life on Vancouver Island, but she also studied for three years at the California School of Design in San Francisco (1890-1893), for five years at the Westminster School of Art in London, England (1899-1904), where she also attended sketching classes at St. Ives in Cornwall, at the Meadows Studio, Bushey and at the Acad�mie Colarossi in Paris for one year (1910). Her work was not well received and she had to supplement her income by farming, running a boarding house, and making pottery. In 1927 she met Lawren Harris, and the Group of Seven encouraged her return to painting. Her work was strongly influenced by an interest in Native Canadian culture. Carr was also known as a writer and published a number of volumes. She had solo exhibitions at the Art Gallery of Ontario (1937) and at the Vancouver Art Gallery (1938). She was a member of the Canadian Group of Painters (1933).
California School of Design, San Francisco, 1890 - 1893
Westminster School of Art, London, England, 1899 - ?
Académie Colarossi, Paris, 1910 - ?
Private study (under Julius Olsson (St. Ives))
Private study (under John Whitely (Meadows Studio, Bushey))
Private study (under Harry Gibb (Cressey-en-Bri and Brittany))
Canadian Group of Painters, 1933
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Island Arts and Crafts Society

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