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New York, United States, 1788
Montreal, Quebec, 1865
Notice biographique
Married in c.1810 to artist George Godsell Thresher, Eliza Thresher (née Wilson Brooks) moved around a great deal, living at different times in Philadelphia, Montreal, Halifax, Charlottetown and Pictou as the couple attempted to make a suitable living. In Montreal (1816) George and Eliza Thresher conducted an academy teaching drawing in crayon and chalk and painting in water colours and oils. In order to augment their income while in Halifax (1821-23), Eliza operated a school for young ladies. When the family moved to Charlottetown, she opened another school (1830) where a variety of subjects were taught and her daughters taught drawing and painting in a variety of media. Her oil painting, "Man with Pipe" (c.1848) is in the collection of the Confederation Centre Art Gallery and Museum, Charlottetown.
Lieux de conservation des dossiers et archives
Canadian Women Artists History Initiative Documentation Centre, QC

Documents sur l'artiste
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Documents rédigés par l'artiste
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