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ADAMSON, Mrs. Agar (Mabel Cawthra)

Lucerne, Switzerland, 1871
Port Credit, Ontario, 1943
Notice biographique
As a young woman Mabel Cawthra Adamson studied at Charles Ashbee's Guild of Handicrafts in England. Cawthra's practice included painting, interior design as well as the applied arts and crafts, enamel and metal. In 1899 she married Agar Adamson, Colonel of Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. In 1902 Mabel Cawthra became the first president of the Society of Arts and Crafts of Canada, founder of the Arts and Crafts Society in Toronto, and a founding member of the Heliconian Club. she was an avid potter and was made an honorary member of the Canadian Guild of Potters in 1943. Among her numerous activities, Cawthra was also responsible for opening a Toronto franchise of the English interior design firm W & E Thornton-Smith Company, which sold high-end furniture, fabrics, rugs and curtains She also won a number of commissions to decorate Toronto city theatres and churches.
Enamel and Enamelling
Jewellery making
Charles Ashbee’s Guild of Handicraft, England, 1905 - ?
Lieux de conservation des dossiers et archives
National Gallery of Canada, ON - Library and Archives

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