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JEFFERYS, Jean F.M. Adams

Toronto, ON, 1872
Newark, New Jersey, 1899
Notice biographique
Jean F.M Jefferys, née Adams, was an artist who worked primarily in the medium of drawing. She was born in Toronto and studied there as a member of the Toronto Art Student's League. She also contributed illustrations to the Toronto Art League calendars for 1895, 1896, 1898 and 1899. She married fellow league member Charles W. Jefferys in December 1894 and moved with him to New York and later, New Jersey, while he worked as an illustrator the New York Herald. She died in 1899 of unknown causes.

Documents sur l'artiste
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Texte intégral de compte rendu (pdf).
Ontario Society of Artists Annual Exhibition: (Toronto, mai 13, 1897) James Mavor.  "Ontario Artists. Notice of Exhibits at the Annual Display. Several Good pictures."  Globe (Toronto)  mai 22, 1897.  p.10.   Comptes rendus intégraux

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