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Baillie Islands, Northwest Territories, 1925
Holman, Northwest Territories, 2001
Notice biographique
Agnes Nanogak (also known as Agnes Goose/Nanuraq) was born on the Baillie Islands in the Western Arctic. Nanogak's artwork is inspired by her cultural heritage, which was imparted to her by her parents, Billy Banksland and Topsy Ekiona. In 1937, the Nanogak family relocated to Holman, on Queen's Bay. In 1947 Nanogak married Wallace Goose. In the 1960's, she joined the newly established printmaking program in Holman and began to create hundreds of drawings. Many of these were later transferred into prints. Nanogak's early works were thematically centered around childhood stories, drum songs and the Inuit way of life. She is known for her ironical or humourous tone, which she conveys through stylistic flourishes that are personalized and highly colorful. The artist is also famous for her book illustrations for "Tales from the Igloo" (Metayer, 1972) and "More Tales from the Igloo" (Metayer, 1986). In 1985, she received an honorary degree from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her son, Billy Goose, as well as her grandson, Rex Goose, are both talented graphic artists. In 2002, a year after Nanogak passed away, The Winnipeg Art Gallery hosted a solo exhibition of the artist's works. Her work has been showcased in dozens of international group exhibitions across Canada, the United States, and Europe.
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