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St. Catharines, Ontario, 1857
West Summerland, British Columbia, 1938
Notice biographique
Spencer moved from Port Colborne, Ontario to Kamloops, British Columbia in 1898. Upon opening her studio in 1899, Spencer became the only professional photographer in Kamloops. Spencer's work is best known through a series she did on the capture and trial of train robber Bill Miner in 1906. The case attracted a great deal of attention, and as the only photographer in the area Spencer's photographs appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines in the region. In 1909 Spencer sold her studio and in 1911 moved to West Summerland, near Kelowna (Penticton), British Columbia, where she continued photographing as well as making pottery and painting china. Her work can be found in numerous archives around British Columbia, including the British Columbia Archives. Spencer did not pursue her career as a photographer to any degree in West Summerland. She was listed as a fruit rancher in local directories and spent much of her time painting on china.
China painting
Pen and Ink

Documents sur l'artiste
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