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Nunavut, 1919
Cape Dorset, Nunavut, 1962
Notice biographique
Natsivaar (Netsivarr) died two years after the first Cape Dorset Annual Print Collection; consequently, only two of her graphic works were ever released, "Mother and Son" in the 1961/1962 collection and "Angels in the Moon" in the 1960 collection. Whereas "Mother and Son" is typical of traditional Inuit imagery, "Angels in the Moon" is notable for its Christian subject matter, demonstrating the influence of Southern missionaries on Inuit culture. Natsivaar's work has been exhibited at the National Gallery of Canada and examples of her work are included in the collections of the Canadian Museum of Civilization, the National Gallery of Canada, Calgary's Glenbow Museum and Toronto's Art Gallery of Ontario.

Documents sur l'artiste
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