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Calgary, Alberta, 1910
Calgary, Alberta, 2006
Biography synopsis
A founding member of the Art Department at the University of Calgary, Helen Barbara Stadelbauer devoted her life to educating others. From an early age, she became determined to attend university; more particularly, she desired to move to New York and become a student at Columbia University. After graduating from the Calgary Normal School with a First Class Certificate in 1933, she taught in a rural school for four years, then moved to the city where she became a teacher in a two-room cottage school house for another four years. From 1936 she pursued professional art training, taking courses at the Provincial Institute of Technology and Art, the Banff School of Fine Arts and the Summer School of the Department of Education, eventually obtaining an Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts from the Alberta College of Art. In 1945, she was offered a position as a lecturer at the University of Alberta on the condition that she complete a university degree. As a result, her dream of attending Columbia University became a reality, and she left for New York in 1947, finally obtaining Bachelors and Masters degrees in Art. Impressed by her sojourn in the United States, Stadelbauer returned to Calgary in 1949 determined to make the University of Calgary independent from the University of Alberta and to improve and expand its art department, of which she was a founding member and, for many years, sole instructor. She remained at the University of Calgary for 31 years, being promoted to assistant professor in 1950, associate professor in 1955 and retiring as professor emeritus in 1976. She also served as the university's administrative officer and on several committees, including the Senate. Throughout her career, she focussed on teaching and the improvement of the art program.
Media used
Provincial Institute of Art and Technology, Calgary, Alberta
Banff School of Fine Arts
Summer School of the Department of Education, University of Alberta
Columbia University, New York, 1947 - 1949
File & Archive locations
Calgary Public Library, AB - Arts Department
National Gallery of Canada, ON - Library and Archives
Glenbow Archives, AB - Photographs Catalogue
Canadian Women Artists History Initiative Documentation Centre, QC

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