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We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Concordia University Research Chair program. The Department of Art History and its faculty have provided crucial support and a warm intellectual community. We would like to thank the Faculty of Fine Arts (Concordia Aid to Scholarly Activities program) and the Office of the Vice-President of Research and Graduate Studies for seed funding; SSHRC; Concordia Libraries; the Canadian Library Association; The Canadian Council of Archives; and the Canadian Museums Association.

Research centre files have been developed through generous donations of material from Annmarie Adams, Charles C. Hill, Kristina Huneault, Laurier Lacroix, France St-Jean, Peta Tancred, and Esther Trépanier.

Help organizing and assembling artist files has been provided by dedicated students: Alena Buis, Erica Howse, Kate Marley, Sharon Murray, Marie Peron and Claire Renwick.

Edith Carr, painted ceramic jug, 1906.
Edith Carr, painted ceramic jug, 1906.