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ROSS, Hilda Katherine

Ottawa, Ontario, 1902
, ?
Notice biographique
Ross studied at the Winnipeg School of Art under Lemoine Fitzgerald as well as F.H. Varley at the British Columbia College of Art. She later studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and the University of British Columbia where she studied ceramics under Rex Mason, Carleton Ball, Konrad Sadowski, and Kyllikki Salmenhakra. In the 1940s, she taught at Gordon House in Vancouver as well as at the Summer Institute of Visual Art at the University of British Columbia. Ross received numerous prizes including the Prize for best bowl from the Canadian Handicraft Guild (1955), the I.O.D.E. prize at the British Columbia Potters 8th Annual Exhibition (1956), and the gold medal at the Prague International Exhibition (1962). She exhibited nationally in the Canadian Pavilion at Expo 67, and internationally at the Universal and International Exhibition in Brussels (1958), the 3rd International Exhibition of Ceramic Art in Prague (1962), and the Department of Trade & Commerce Exhibitions in Berlin and Florence (1964).
Winnipeg School of Art (Sous la direction de Lemoine Fitzgerald)
British Columbia College of Art (Sous la direction de F.H. Varley)
Art Institute of Chicago
University of British Columbia (Sous la direction de Rex Mason, Carleton Ball, Konrad Sadowski, and Kyllikki Salmenhakra)
Lieux de conservation des dossiers et archives
University of British Columbia - Fine Arts Library
National Gallery of Canada, ON - Library and Archives
Canadian Women Artists History Initiative Documentation Centre, QC

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