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Melinda Reinhart, Visual Arts Librarian, and Janice Anderson, Visual Resources Curator at Concordia University began collaboration on Historical Canadian Women Artists: A Bio-bibliographic Database in 2002, when a review of Canadian art and women artists reference/research sources revealed that there was no single up-to-date and comprehensive source covering women artists.

Peter Pagé, web database designer, joined the project in 2004. As part of the first stage, he designed the data input module using MySQL, and in 2005, he created the user-end search module. This was subsequently revised and integrated into the Canadian Women Artists History Initiative website by Alexander Jerabek in 2008.

Melinda Reinhart and Janice Anderson were assisted in the biographic and bibliographic research by Kathryn Beattie, Alena Buis, Avery Larose, Alexandra Mills, Sharon Murray, Pat Quill, and Erandy Vargas.

This project was made possible through funding from the Concordia Library Research Grants, and the participation of Kristina Huneault through the Concordia University Research Chair program. It is also made possible thanks to Peter Pagé who has generously given of his time and expertise.

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