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ADAMS, Lily Osman

Toronto, Ontario, 1865
Toronto, Ontario, 1945
Biography synopsis
This painter of landscapes, still lifes and flowers studied in Toronto, New York and London under such artists as McGillivray Knowles, Birge Harrison and Stanley Forbes. In 1924, she held a joint show with fellow artist Minnie Kallmeyer and received an admiring review from "Saturday Night." Watercolour and pastel were her primary media, though she also painted in oils. She is also known for painting 18 plates with underwater designs for the Cabot Commemorative State Dinner Service, now part of the collection of the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Her work has been shown at the Royal Canadian Academy (1904-36), the Canadian National Exhibition (1907), and the Ontario Society of Artists (1903-20). The Art Gallery of Ontario owns one of her works, a pastel study of trilliums. During the 1930s, she also organized annual exhibitions of her paintings at her studio on Irwin Street.
Media used
China painting
Private study (under F. McGillivray Knowles)
Private study (under L. R. O'Brien)
Ontario College of Art & Design (formerly Ontario School of Art) (under J.W. Beatty)
Columbia University, New York (under Arthur Dow)
Art Students' League, New York (under John Carlsen)
University of Toronto (under A. R. Coleman)
St. John's Wood Art School
Ontario College of Art & Design (formerly Ontario School of Art)
Private study (under Birge Harrison)
Newlyn School of Art, Newlyn, England (under Stanley Forbes)
Women's Art Club, Toronto
File & Archive locations
Art Gallery of Ontario - Edward P. Taylor Research Library and Archives
National Gallery of Canada, ON - Library and Archives
Canadian Women Artists History Initiative Documentation Centre, QC

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