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O'REILLY, Kathleen

Victoria, British Columbia, 1867
Victoria, British Columbia, 1945
Biography synopsis
A cultured and refined lady of Victorian society, Kathleen O'Reilly attended Angela College in Victoria before completing her education at Lady Murry's School in Kensington, London, England, from 1883-85. Besides participating in various social functions, O'Reilly was also involved in church activities and helped with the running of her home, Point Ellice House. Although she never married, her life was not entirely devoid of romance, for she had two very famous suitors: Captain Robert Scott, known for his expeditions to Antartica, and Captain Henry Stanhope, who later became Lord Chesterfield. In addition to drawing and painting, O'Reilly also practised embroidery. She passed away after a cerebral hemorrhage and is buried in Ross Bay cemetery in Victoria. Point Ellice House has since become a provincial historic site and counts many of her works as part of its collection.
Media used
Angela College, Victoria
Lady Murry's School, Kensington, England, 1883 - 1885
File & Archive locations
British Columbia Archives
Canadian Women Artists History Initiative Documentation Centre, QC

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