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COURTICE, Rody Kenny

Renfrew, Ontario, 1891
?, 1973
Biography synopsis
Rody Kenny Courtice (née Roselyn Kenny and also known as Roselyn Hammond after her first marriage) was one of the first women to study at the Ontario College of Art with Arthur Lismer, winning a scholarship each year (1920-1924). She attended the Art Institute of Chicago (1927), where she studied puppets and stagecraft with Tony Sarg. She continued those studies in New York, London and Paris. In 1950 she attended Hans Hofmann’s summer school in Provincetown, Massachusetts. She worked as the librarian at the Ontario College of Art (1925-1926) and as Assistant Instructor to Arthur Lismer for Children’s Classes for ten years. She was also Assistant Instructor to J.W. Beatty at Port Hope Summer School. She taught at the Doon School of Art and Teachers’ Summer Course with John Alford. She exhibited at the Tate Gallery, London, in Brazil, New York at the World’s Fair (1939), Riverside Museum, the American-British Gallery, New York and Victoria College, Toronto (solo show 1951). Courtice was a member of the Royal Canadian Academy, the Ontario Society of Artists, the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour, the Canadian Society of Graphic Art, the Heliconian Society, and the Federation of Canadian Artists. Courtice often gave her date of birth as 1895, but 1891 is correct.
Media used
Ontario College of Art & Design (formerly Ontario School of Art), 1920 - 1924 (under Arthur Lismer; J.E.H. MacDonald)
Art Institute of Chicago, 1927 (under Tony Sarg)
Hans Hofmann's Summer School, Provincetown, 1950
Royal Canadian Academy of Arts
Ontario Society of Artists
Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour
Canadian Society of Graphic Art
Heliconian Club
Federation of Canadian Artists
File & Archive locations
University of British Columbia - Fine Arts Library
Vancouver Art Gallery, BC - Library
London Public Library, ON
National Gallery of Canada, ON - Library and Archives
Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery, ON
Art Gallery of Ontario - Edward P. Taylor Research Library and Archives
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts / Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal, QC
Toronto Reference Library, ON
Winnipeg Art Gallery, MA - Clara Lander Library
Hamilton Public Library, ON - Local History and Archives Department
Canadian Women Artists History Initiative Documentation Centre, QC
Library and Archives Canada / Bibliothèque et Archives Canada, ON
University of Guelph, ON - Archival & Special Collections
Archives of Ontario
Queen's University Archives, ON

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