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Montreal, Quebec, 1904
Quebec, Quebec, 1994
Biography synopsis
Though an accomplished artist in her own right, this graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Montreal (recipient of both the Cullen and David prizes) married painter Jean-Paul Lemieux in 1937 and gave up her painting career in order to further her husband's artistic ambitions. She continued to take an active interest in art, however, and was very involved in her children's artistic education, offering painting lessons in her home at the end of the 1950s. In 1960, she published "A Child's History of Antiquity" in collaboration with Lyse Nantais. The richly coloured and textured canvasses of Madeleine Desrosiers celebrate rural Quebec, and pay tribute to the style of the French Post-Impressionists, whom she admired.
Media used
Book illustration
Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Montreal
File & Archive locations
National Gallery of Canada, ON - Library and Archives
University of British Columbia - Fine Arts Library
Canadian Women Artists History Initiative Documentation Centre, QC
Library and Archives Canada / Bibliothèque et Archives Canada, ON
Canadian Museum of Civilization Archives, QC

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