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MACPHERSON, Margaret Campbell

St. John's, Newfoundland, 1860
Versailles, France, 1931
Biography synopsis
Margaret Campbell Macpherson received her first lessons at the local Wesleyan School from JW Nichols, who recommended that she continue her education in Scotland where art training was available. She continued studies under Auguste-Henri Berthoud in Neuchâtel, and established her professional stature with acceptance to a Dudley Gallery, London exhibition in 1884 before opening her portrait and landscape studio in Edinburgh. By the time she was elected to the newly formed Society of Scottish Artists in 1891, she was already continuing her studies in Paris at the Academy headed by Pascal Dagnan Bouveret and Gustave Courtois and spending the summers in Brittany where her paintings suggest association with the circle around Gauguin. After exhibiting regularly in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and St John´s, she received extensive press coverage for her two-woman exhibition in Edinburgh in 1895 with Josephine Hoxie Bartlett. In 1899 Macpherson brought seventy paintings for exhibition in St John´s and Halifax before she and Bartlett moved permanently to Paris. During her career, Macpherson had works accepted in over two dozen Paris Salons, more than any other Canadian artist. Her paintings were accepted at the Royal Scottish Academy, Glasgow Institute of Fine Art Society of Scottish Artists, Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Royal Academy, London, Société des Artistes Français. She received a medal for paintings in the Canadian Section of the Exposition universelle in 1900, the only British North American woman so honoured. She also exhibited at the International Exposition, Edinburgh, in 1886, Exposition universelle, Paris, in 1900 (bronze medal), Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, in 1901, Exposition nationale, Reims, in 1903 (gold medal), Exposition internationale, Nantes, in 1904 (gold medal), and Carnegie International exhibition, Pittsburgh, in 1913. Her paintings were included regularly in group exhibitions in St John´s between 1884 and 1972.
Media used
Society of Scottish Arists, 1891
File & Archive locations
Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery, NL
National Gallery of Canada, ON - Library and Archives
University of British Columbia - Fine Arts Library
Canadian Women Artists History Initiative Documentation Centre, QC

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Full text pdfs of exhibition reviews
Royal Canadian Academy Annual Exhibition.: (Montreal, April 20, 1887) "Among the Pictures. The Annual Spring Exhibition of the R.C.A."  Gazette (Montreal)  April 20, 1887.  p.8.   Full-text pdf

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