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HOLBROOK, Elizabeth (Mary Bradford)

Hamilton, Ontario, 1913
Hamilton, Ontario, 2009
Biography synopsis
Elizabeth Holbrook was born in 1913 in Hamilton, Ontario. She began studying art at the Hamilton Technical Institute with Hortense Gorden and continued at the Ontario College of Art from which she graduated with A.O.C.A. She continued her studies in London, England at the Royal College of Art. A sculptor, Holbrook has works in many institutional, government, museum, gallery and private collections. Perhaps her best known works include a bust of the Hon. Ellen Fairclough, the first female member of the Canadian Cabinet, and one of former Prime Minister John G. Diefenbaker, both in the Houses of Parliament in Ottawa. In addition to busts Holbrook also designed medals, jewelry and public sculptures.
Media used
Hamilton Art School, 1928 - 1931 (under John Sloan, John Gordon, Hortense Gordon)
Ontario College of Art & Design (formerly Ontario School of Art), 1932 - 1935 (under Emanuel Hahn)
Royal College of Art, London, England, 1936 - ? (under Richard Garbe)
Cranbrook Academy of Arts, Bloomfield, Michigan, USA, 1941 - 1948 (under Carl Milles)
Hamilton Art School
Order of Canada
Royal Canadian Academy of Arts
Ontario Society of Artists
Sculptors' Society of Canada
Canadian Portrait Academy, 1997 - Founding Member
Order of Ontario
International Art Medal Association (FIDEM)
Medallic Art Society of Canada
Canadian Group of Art Medallists
File & Archive locations
University of Calgary Library, AB
University of British Columbia - Fine Arts Library
Library and Archives Canada / Bibliothèque et Archives Canada, ON
London Public Library, ON
National Gallery of Canada, ON - Library and Archives
Art Gallery of Ontario - Edward P. Taylor Research Library and Archives
Vancouver Art Gallery, BC - Library
Hamilton Public Library, ON - Local History and Archives Department
Canadian Women Artists History Initiative Documentation Centre, QC

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Writings by
Holbrook, Elizabeth. "Dr. James H. Robinson." [Reproduction] National Sculpture Review 18.1 (Spring 1969): 9
Holbrook, Elizabeth. "Emanuel Hahn." [Reproduction] Canadian Art 10.4 (1953): 139
Holbrook, Elizabeth. "Harry Somers." [Reproduction] Canadian Art 21 (Sept. 1964): 303

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