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FINLAYSON, Isobel Graham

London, England, 1811
London, England, 1890
Biography synopsis
Born in London, England, Isobel Graham Finlayson (née Isobel Graham Simpson) was the daughter of Geddes McKenzie Simpson and Frances Hume Hawkins. Sister to Frances Ramsay Simpson, wife of Governor George Simpson, Finlayson came from a large family. On 10th November 1838, she married Duncan Finlayson, the Hudson’s Bay Company Chief Factor and Governor of Assiniboia, at St. Leonard’s Church in Bromley, Middlesex. Due to health concerns, Finlayson waited until June 1839 before making the long journey from England to Red River, Manitoba. From June 6, 1840 until September 1, 1840 Finlayson kept a notebook recording her travel experiences and made seven accompanying illustrations in pencil of First Nations people she encountered. During the first leg of her trip, from England to York Factory, Finlayson was accompanied by James and Letitia Hargrave; accounts of their meeting are also mentioned in the published letters of Mrs. Hargrave. From York Factory onwards, Finlayson was accompanied by her husband to their new home in the Red River Settlement. Between 1844 and 1859, the Finlaysons lived in Lachine, Québec until they returned to London following Duncan Finlayson’s retirement from the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1859. Finlayson survived her husband by almost 30 years, and though she never had children of her own, she had become second mother to her sister’s children after Frances Simpson’s death in 1853.
Media used
Pen and Ink
File & Archive locations
Winnipeg Art Gallery, MA - Clara Lander Library
Provincial Archives of Manitoba
Canadian Women Artists History Initiative Documentation Centre, QC

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Writings by
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