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Old Massett, British Columbia, 1890
, 1984
Biography synopsis
Haida artist Selina Peratrovich (Selena/Selina Adams Harris) was born in Old Massett (also known as Haida Village), Queen Charlotte Islands in Northern British Columbia in 1890 (some sources state 1887or 1889). Peratrovich grew up in Howkan, Alaska, but later moved to Ketchikan, Alaska. At the age of 25, Peratrovich learned weaving by observing her mother-in-law, Elizabeth Adams. Although she spent much of her life in Alaska, Peratrovich visited Haida Gwaii several times a year, where she would harvest the materials necessary for basket weaving. She was one of the last weavers who had knowledge of producing traditional Haida spruce root baskets and hats. The art was almost lost until Peratrovich passed on her craft; she is recognized for sustaining and promoting Haida cultural heritage. Peratrovich is the mother and grandmother of noted artists Delores Churchill, Isabel Rorick and Elizabeth Vanderhoop.
Media used
Basket making
File & Archive locations
Library and Archives Canada, ON - Peter Winkworth Collection of Canadiana
Royal British Columbia Museum

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