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WOOD, Sally Elizabeth (Sally Eliza)

Brome Township, Quebec, 1857
, 1928
Biography synopsis
Wood's career as a professional photographer began with work as an apprentice in William Notman's Montreal studio. Upon completing her apprenticeship, Wood returned to her home, in what was then Brome County, Quebec, to work for John A. Wheeler at his studio in the town of Knowlton. After Wheeler retired in 1897, Wood opened her own Knowlton studio which she ran until 1907. In 1905, along with her studio portraits, Wood produced a series of illustrated postcards comprised of photographs she had taken of the town of Knowlton and the surrounding countryside. These postcards were published and distributed by the Scottish publishing house James Valentine and Sons. Some of her work can be found in the collections of the McCord Museum in Montreal.
Media used
Private study (under William Notman)
File & Archive locations
McCord Museum Archives, QC
Canadian Women Artists History Initiative Documentation Centre, QC
Eastern Townships Resource Centre Archival & Photo Collection, QC

Writings about
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