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BOND, Theodosia

Montreal, Quebec, 1915
Montreal, Quebec, 2009
Biography synopsis
Bond was the daughter of an executive with the Canadian National Railways and spent much of her childhood traveling the rails throughout Eastern Canada. She studied at the New York Institute of Photography before marrying Robert Buchanan Thornton in 1947. Bond was interested in photographing plant life and landscapes, and she produced her own platinum and colour prints. A member of the Montreal Camera Club, and an associate of the Royal Photography Society of Great Britain, Bond earned a Press Pass from Universal Photographers in 1937. Along with her interest in photography, the Thorntons were also avid collectors of art, and were particularly interested in the work of the Group of Seven.
Media used
New York Institute of Photography
Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain, Associate
Montreal Camera Club
File & Archive locations
Canadian Women Artists History Initiative Documentation Centre, QC

Writings about
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