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Canada, ca 1887
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Biography synopsis
Munday was born in Canada to English immigrants. In 1905 she married Walter Munday, a seargent in the Royal Canadian Northwest Mounted Police. Munday accompanied her husband to Cumberland House, Saskatchewan, where he was stationed. Although she had not received training in photography, Munday began photographing the local First Nations peoples, documenting life in the North. The Mundays were later stationed in The Pas, Manitoba, and finally, in Chesterfield Inlet in what is now Nunavut. In 1930 Munday published a book entitled "A Mounty's Wife: Being the Life Story of One Attached to the Force, but Not of It." The book was a memoir of her life with the Royal Canadian Northwest Mounted Police and includes many of her photographs of First Nations and Inuit communities. After the publication of her book, Munday also contributed illustrations and writings to magazines such as Chatelaine, Echos and National Review.
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File & Archive locations
Canadian Women Artists History Initiative Documentation Centre, QC

Writings about
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Writings by
Munday, Luta. A Mounty's Wife: Being the Life Story of One Attached to the Force, but Not Of It. Toronto: MacMillan, 1930.
Munday, Luta. "The Beauty of the Arctic." National Review 52 (Jan. - Jun. 1934): 240-243.

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