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Toronto, Ontario, 1899
Dollarton, British Columbia, 1957
Biography synopsis
Helen McCall (née Barnard), was born in Toronto but moved to Howe Sound, British Columbia with her adoptive aunt and uncle at an early age. In the late 1910s McCall apprenticed at a photography studio in Vancouver run by Robert F. L. Brown, before returning to Howe Sound near the end of the war. In 1920 she married Hector McCall, who was unable to work due to war injuries; subsequently, McCall began to photograph her neighbours in order to make an income for her family. Over the next thirty years she photographed many social occasions that were of interest to the people of Gibson, as well as to the many tourists. McCall also took portraits and spent her summers hiking Howe Sound in search of landscapes to photograph and turn into postcards. McCall developed and printed all of her own photographs as well as those of amateurs in the area, doing so without the use of electricity or running water. The Sunshine Coast Museum and Archives in Gibson's, British Columbia owns a vast collection of McCall's work.
Media used
Private study, ? - 1920 (under Robert F. L. Brown)
File & Archive locations
Canadian Women Artists History Initiative Documentation Centre, QC
Sunshine Coast Museum & Archives, BC

Writings about
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