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Nunavut, 1923
Nunavut, 1966
Biography synopsis
Kunu (also Koonoo Kunu) lived the early part of her life in the Kangia camp near Lake Harbour, now known as Kimmirut. Sometime in the 1950s Kunu, her husband Niviaksiak, and their children moved to Cape Dorset where Niviaksiak began drawing and sculpting for the West Baffin Eskimo Co-operative. In 1959 Kunu traveled south to recover from a tuberculosis infection and in the same year her husband died. After her husband's death Kunu completed his unfinished drawings and began to create her own which were included in the first Cape Dorset Print Collection. Her prints often depicted children at play. She was also a skilled craftsperson and worked on community sewing projects. Kunu's work was included in several Cape Dorset Print Collections and has been exhibited at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection.
Media used

Writings about
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