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HALL, Jean

Toronto, Ontario, 1896
Toronto, Ontario, 1982
Biography synopsis
The second woman to graduate from the School of Architecture at the University of Toronto in 1923, Jean Hall is noted as the designer of the first building in Canada by a female architectural graduate of a Canadian university. A fourplex located at 63 Jerome Street, Toronto and built in 1925, it was designed for her father’s building firm. After completing first year General Arts at the University of Toronto, Hall enrolled at the School of Architecture in 1917. Her studies in architecture were interrupted for two years in response to an appeal to university students to volunteer as teachers in the prairies, towards the end of the First World War. Hall taught in Rearville, Alberta. Returning to the University of Toronto, Hall served as vice-president of the University Architectural Club in 1922. After her graduation in 1923 she was employed as an artist until 1927. She retired from the Workmen’s Compensation Board in 1958. Despite her efforts and initial achievement shortly after graduation, Hall was unable to realize a career in architecture. (I. Puchalski)
Media used
University of Toronto, 1916 - 1917
University of Toronto, 1917 - 1923
File & Archive locations
University of Toronto, ON - Archives and Records Management Services
Canadian Women Artists History Initiative Documentation Centre, QC
Virginia Tech, VA - International Archive of Women in Architecture

Writings about
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