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BIRIUKOVA, Alexandra

Vladivostok, Russia, 1895
Richmond Hill, Ontario, 1967
Biography synopsis
The first woman to register with the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) in 1931, Alexandra Biriukova is best known for her notable Moderne design of the Toronto residence of Group of Seven artist Lawren Harris in 1930. Born in Vladivostok, Biriukova was awarded an architecture degree in 1914 from the School of Architecture in Petrograd. She fled to Rome with her family at the time of the Russian Revolution, where she received a degree from the Royal Superior School of Architecture in 1925. Already trained as an architect, Biriukova immigrated to Toronto in 1929, to join her sister, artist Yulia Biriukova (1897-1972). Although Biriukova is named as architect on the contract drawings for the Lawren Harris residence, and the house was credited to her when drawings and photographs of it were published in 1931, some modern day architectural historians have questioned how much credit Biriukova should receive for this elegant and iconic house. In recognition of its architectural and historical importance the City of Toronto included the Lawren Harris house on the Inventory of Heritage Properties in 1975. Whether it was resistance to a modernist house in conservative Toronto, because she was a woman, or as a result of the lean Depression years, Biriukova garnered no further architectural commissions. She resigned from the profession in 1934. Biriukova subsequently trained as a tuberculosis nurse at the Free Toronto Hospital for the Consumptive Poor (now called West Park Hospital), where she worked until her retirement in the 1960s. Those who knew her later were unaware of her career as an architect. (I Puchalski)
Media used
School of Architecture, Petrograd, 1911 - 1914
Royal Superior School of Architecture, Rome, 1922 - 1925
Ontario Association of Architects (OAA), 1931
File & Archive locations
Canadian Women Artists History Initiative Documentation Centre, QC
Virginia Tech, VA - International Archive of Women in Architecture

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