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LAMBERT, Margaret Lukis

Montreal, Quebec, 1905
Victoria, British Columbia, 2001
Biography synopsis
Margaret Lukis Lambert attended McGill University in Montreal where she studied physical education until 1927. Upon graduating, Lukis decided not to pursue a career in physical education and instead worked for a family friend Charles Notman of the prestigious Notman & Sons Photo Studio. Working under Charles, Lukis acquired a love for photography, later opening her own studio on Union Avenue in 1934. Specializing in children and dog portraiture, Lukis ran the studio successfully for 10 years. Besides portraiture, Lukis also sold scenic photographs taken on her numerous trips to Gaspé, Virginia, England, etc. One particularly memorable shot shows Mahatma Gandhi during his visit to Oxford. Lukis’ work was well received and was published in "The Montrealer" as well as exhibited in Morgan's Department Store. In 1944, Lukis closed her studio and married René Lambert. Accompanied by her husband, she traveled the world continuing to take photographs. In 1957, Lukis Lambert was employed by McGill University as assistant cataloger of the Notman collection which had just been donated to the university. Most of her correspondence of the time shows that she was investigating the process of lamination as a valid method of photographic preservation. Later in life, Lukis Lambert photographed her companion Chico Bander (a stuffed toy) in the hopes of one day writing a children’s book. She spent her last years in Victoria, BC where she died in 2001.
Media used
McGill University, ? - 1927
File & Archive locations
McCord Museum Archives, QC
McGill University Archives, QC
Canadian Women Artists History Initiative Documentation Centre, QC

Writings about
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