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VAUX, Mary Morris (Walcott)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1860
Saint Andrew's, New Brunswick, 1940
Biography synopsis
Vaux was raised a Quaker, learning a strong appreciation for natural wonders from her father. Her family often spent the summer in the Canadian Rocky mountains, exploring and documenting the wilderness they found there. In 1913, Vaux met Charles Doolittle Walcott--then secretary of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington as well as an eminent geologist and paleontologist--and eagerly aided him in his research. They were married after an accident claimed Walcott's first wife. During her time in the Rockies, Vaux also became good friends with Mary Schaeffer Warren--another artist enamored with nature. Vaux has written extensively about her love of the outdoors writing that nothing could compare with "a day on the trail, or a scramble over the glacier, or even with a quiet day in camp to get things in order for the morrow's conquest." Among her exploits, Vaux was the first woman to accomplish the over 10,000 feet ascent of Mount Stephen in the Rockies. Combining her love of nature and science, Vaux produced over 1000 watercolors of wild flora which were eventually published by the Smithsonian and numerous photographic record of glaciers which are still used in comparative analysis today. Beyond being useful documents, her photographs show wondrous, intimate and humorous scenes from her many adventures. Vaux's contribution and overwhelming love for the Rockies is immortalized by a mountain in Jasper Park that bears her name.
Media used
File & Archive locations
Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, AB - Archives & Library
Smithsonian Institution, DC - Archives of American Art
Library and Archives Canada / Bibliothèque et Archives Canada, ON

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