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Montreal, 1918
Montreal, 1982
Biography synopsis
By profession a piano teacher, Yseult Mounsey's love of classical music and concert halls is evidenced in her portrait photography of ballet dancers including titles such as "Prelude to Performance" and "Intermission." Early in the 1950s, Mounsey joined the Montreal Camera Club (MCC) where her work was noted for technical skill and creativity. Working primarily in black and white, Mounsey excelled at creating a sense of atmosphere and narrative in her photographs. Her style and composition is clearly influenced by the pictorial movement. She won several Club awards as well as top prizes in national competitions and international photo salons. In 1967, Mounsey teamed up with Barbara Deans (another Club member) to put together the Women's World Exhibition of Photography, an exhibit presented at Expo 67's Natural Gas Hospitality Pavilion. The photographs displayed at the all-female exhibit were from Canada and the United States and demonstrated an interesting sample of amateur talents. For her many achievements, Mounsey was named an honourary member of the Montreal Camera Club. The McCord Museum, Montreal, has a collection of many prints of her work.
Media used
Montreal Camera Club, 1951 (Honourary Life Member)
Photographic Society of America
File & Archive locations
Montreal Camera Club
Canadian Women Artists History Initiative Documentation Centre, QC

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Writings by
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