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Hamilton, ON, 1909
Hamilton, ON, 1972
Biography synopsis
Evelyn Andrus began her career as a portrait photographer in Hamilton. She became an active member of the Toronto Camera Club (TCC), judging contests, conducting portrait classes, contributing a regular column to the Club's newsletter, and serving as the chair of the education program. She set up photographic lessons for the handicapped boys of Toronto's Variety Village which she ran for six years. In 1952, Andrus became the first female president of the TCC, and ten years later, she was named an honorary life member of the Club. For nine years, she worked at a photographic laboratory of the University of Toronto where she specialized in medical, dental, architectural, engineering and botanical photography. She later opened a professional studio with Rex Frost and provided services in scientific photography. Andrus' contribution to the photographic arts was recognized by the Royal Photographic Society in 1950 when she was conferred the title of Associate. The Photographic Society of America (PSA) followed suit in 1953 with an associateship and the title of director for the Eastern Canada Zone. Andrus was eventually named a fellow by the PSA. Throughout her life, Andrus suffered from arthritis which forced her to retire early from the photographic community. Despite this, she continued to share her expertise through the TCC's many teaching programs.
Media used
University of Toronto
Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain, 1950 (Associate Member)
Commercial and Press Photographers' Association of Canada
Toronto Camera Club, (Elected Club President in 1952)
Photographic Society of America, 1953 (Named Fellow)
File & Archive locations
Toronto Camera Club Archives
Canadian Women Artists History Initiative Documentation Centre, QC

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Writings by
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