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DE LA PROVIDENCE Soeur Marie-Jeanne

Valleyfield, QC, 1869
Montreal, QC, 1943
Biography synopsis
Born Amanda Delisle, Soeur Marie-Jeanne joined les Soeurs de la Providence at the age of twenty. Her early religious career was entirely devoted to caring for the elderly and the poor which took her to several different convents throughout Quebec. In 1922, severe health problems confined her to the Order's mother house in Montreal where Soeur Marie-Jeanne began the production of handicrafts, especially weaving. In 1924, she learned the traditional art of fleche form Madame Napoleon Lord (Elisabeth Mireault) when the artisan visited the convent. The meeting was organized by Edouard-Zotique Massicotte, archivist and fervent folklorist, with the aim of preserving the art of finger-woven sashes which was a dying craft. One year later, Soeur Marie-Jeanne participated in the annual exhibit of the Canadian Handicrafts Guild, winning a prize for one of her ceinture flechee. As a result of her dedication to the craft, she became close friends with Massicotte with whom she maintained a correspondence. When Soeur Marie-Jeanne died in 1943, a heartfelt letter from Massicotte accompanied her death notice in the convent's records.
Media used
Finger Weaving: Ceinture flechee
Soeurs de la Providence, 1889
File & Archive locations
Canadian Women Artists History Initiative Documentation Centre, QC
Archives Providence, Montreal, QC

Writings about
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