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HOOVER, Dorothy Haines

Toronto, Ontario, 1904
Toronto, Ontario, 1995
Notice biographique
Dorothy Haines Hoover studied art under her father Frederick S. Haines, a skilled painter and engraver. In 1924 she received a B.A. in Modern History from the University of Toronto, and after graduating began working as a guide at the Royal Ontario Museum. In 1947, she gave lectures in the post-war programme of Museum Research Studies at the Ontario College of Arts. From 1952 to 1968 she doubled as lecturer and head librarian at the college, and was also editor of the alumni newsletter. In 1987 the library at OCAD was renamed The Dorothy. H. Hoover Library in honor of her years of service with the school. Although Hoover studied art with her father as a young woman it was only after her marriage to G.L.J. Hoover in the 1930s that she began to pursue her own practice more seriously. During her career she exhibited with the Ontario Society of Artists and the Royal Canadian Academy (1933-1937). Hoover is known for her floral still life paintings, landscapes and coastal scenes, rendered in watercolour and oil paint.
University of Toronto, ? - 1924
Lieux de conservation des dossiers et archives
Art Gallery of Ontario - Edward P. Taylor Research Library and Archives
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts / Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal, QC
National Gallery of Canada, ON - Library and Archives
Canadian Women Artists History Initiative Documentation Centre, QC

Documents sur l'artiste
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Documents rédigés par l'artiste
Hoover, Dorothy Haines. J.W. Beatty Toronto, Ontario: Ryerson Press, 1948.

Texte intégral de compte rendu (pdf).
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